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It goes without saying that in the up-to-date society of free-market economy every person needs to be competitive. However, being just a true professional in a certain field isn’t enough. You need to know how to properly inform your potential employers that you’re a worthy candidate. You can tell them about it via your curriculum vitae or CV for short.

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A perfect cv letter will show your potential employers what you can offer them and make them want to learn more about your as well as your expertise and experience.

In fact, curriculum vitae letters are used by employers of the entire planet to identify for sure whether this particular person matches up to their criteria or not. Of course, your cv letter should prove the following statements:

  • You’ve already thoroughly researched this opportunity and really need this position.
  • You clearly understand what your employer wants from you.
  • You can precisely identify what you can offer this company.

As a rule, employers are used to judging curriculum vitae letters on two major criteria:

  • Does it clearly illustrate the major skills, experiences and qualities?
  • How does this stuff look?

Keep in mind, that an average employer spends approximately twenty seconds to look through a cv letter. Respectively, within this extremely short period of time you require making a positive impression.

  • Identify the skills for your position

Employers will most likely reject your CV unless they find solid evidence that you’ve just researched the opportunity and fully understand the skills they’re actually looking for. To persuade them in this regard use the following clues:

  • Don’t forget about the person specification and job description.
  • Make use of websites with occupational information.
  • Look for detailed career guides on the web.
  • Use s from fairs and other events.
  • Choose the right format

In fact, there're three major CV formats you may take into consideration:

  • Reverse chronological

The given type of CV suggests you'll list all the jobs as well as other relevant activities you've done. Here you should start from the most recent and then go backwards. You may also provide an achievement section.

  • Academic

You can utilize this CV type just to apply for an academic position. That's especially true if you're applying to higher education. This CV has details of interest for academic employers, including your publications, research interests as well as teaching experience.

  • Skills-based

Here you should summarize your experiences under skills heading along with other information presented briefly.

Obviously, your curriculum vitae should fit onto two sheets of A4. Therefore, you require deciding wisely what to include and what needs to be left out. You can exclude the following things:

  • Paragraphs, words, sections, which can’t help you to make the required impression.
  • Any information irrelevant to your employer or opportunity.

Make sure you haven’t forgotten to mention:

  • Your skills, experiences and qualifications.
  • Actual details.
  • Prove your skills

Employers are fed up with general statements such as faithful team player with perfect communication skills. Back your claims up with persuasive examples. Otherwise, you can hardly count on the employer's attention.

Once, you identify some crucial skills for your position, go through and give a convincing example for each of your skills. When it comes to structuring your examples, you’d better utilize the so-called STAR approach:

  • Describe the situation where you required utilizing your skills.
  • Illustrate the task you were given.
  • Tell how you accomplished the assignment.
  • Inform what you've achieved.

Once you’ve written these examples, make sure you have included them in the corresponding parts of your curriculum vitae.

  • Make your language effective

Your CV is an essential marketing tool, so it's up to you to avoid woolly and passive statements. You'd better focus on the active ones:

  • Instead the expression "worked on the personal computer" you can write "designed a revolutionary new database".
  • Don't write "talked to clients". Replace it with established promising working relationships".
  • Avoid writing "helped to make leaflets". Sure, you did more serious things. You "designed and published targeted handouts".

Make sure your language is specific and active. This will undoubtedly help your curriculum vitae to stand out from the entire competition.

  • Your final check

Before sending off this stuff, make sure you’ve done the following things:

  • You’ve clearly identified the major skills, qualities, experiences and achievements.
  • Your CV is concise and easy to read.
  • You've provided all the necessary references and specified your interests.
  • That's right what your potential employer wants.

If you attentively follow the tips illustrated above, you have a decent chance to grab the desired position.

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