What is an APA Essay

If you are engaged in undergraduate studies in any of the universities across the globe, there is a chance that you will write at least one of your essays or papers using the apa format. The apa format is the essay writing format that was instituted by the American psychological association but is now being used by students and academic personnel for academic writings all over the world. This method which can also be used in writing a personal narrative essay is regarded by many people as the most difficult, because of its details. However, when you master the method by going through our articles, you will realize that it could be the easiest formatting method for your next media reaction paper.

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While this style is used mostly in the citing of sources used in writing papers in social science courses, it also has inputs on what the general structure of the english paper should look like.

When you are writing an apa essay, you have to observe its standard formatting rules. The standard size for the paper must be 8.5 X 11 inches, with a 1 inch margin on both sides. The paper must come with double spacing and Times New Roman 12 font size. Though Times New Roman is the recommended font, you can use other fonts if you are instructed to. All pages under an apa style essay must have the page header and the page number on the top left corner. You should also observe that the exact structure for your essay will actually depend on the type of paper you are writing. There are differences in style for a thesis and a lab report or for a critique paper and a case study. One more thing to note about the apa essay is that it must come with the major four parts. They include the title page, abstract, main body of the essay and the reference section. These are the most important divisions and they must be gotten correctly.

The apa essay example has four different divisions as mentioned earlier. The title page must contain the running header with the title of the essay, your name, the name of your school and in some cases, your lecturer’s name. The abstract will contain a short summary of what the entire essay is all about. It comes after the title page. The rule is that this must be within 150-250 words. However, you may get contrary orders from your lecturer, if these orders come, you must follow them. For instance a lecturer who supervises your economics homework may demand for more. Meanwhile, you can get economics homework help from many service providers on the net.

We have said that the main body of the essay will mostly vary according to the type of essay you are writing. Which means you may not use the same exact format for argumentative essay examples and your thesis. However, the standard format for the body of an apa essay includes the introduction, a method section detailing your research methodology, a section detailing the result of the research and a section that discusses the results. The specific writing method to be used here should come from your lecturer. The last is the reference section, and here, you should list all the sources you cited in the main paper in a more detailed manner. It must be on a separate page and with "References" written at the center of the page as its title. You have to remember that you can also get good sample argumentative essay topics from the professionals that offer essay and thesis help.

  • There are two main types of apa essay papers and they include literature review and experimental papers.
  • The apa method gives an outline of the specific sections that must be used in writing each paper type.
  • The apa stylistics basic is involved in detailing stylistics issues like point of view, conciseness and clarity. The choice of words, the use of poetic devices and language and others are also addressed here.
  • The apa stylistics also involve the things you should avoid. They include bias languages like disability, race, gender and sexually inappropriate words.
  • The apa referencing maps out the ways of citing and referencing all your secondary sources on the text and at the reference page that comes at the end of the essay.

APA Essay Referencing

This is one major part of any type of writing with the apa essay format. When referencing, you must insure that all the references are recorded. You should write the reference page after you are through with the entire body of the essay so that you will not omit the sources that were added later.

When you are citing a source with apa method in your text, you have to write something like, (On this topic, Andrew said that "it would be good...............”) After this, get to the end of the sentence, clause or phrase and write (Andrew, 2009) in parenthesis. This is enough or the in text citing. Then when you get to the reference page at the end of the paper, you can now give the details of the entire source by writing 1. Andres, M. (2009). From Credits to Failure: The future of good teachers in education. Jude, W.A: AKA Publishing.

When you want to cite an electronic content, multimedia formats and software, you have to go about it this way. The in text citation will read, (Jones & Ibiza, 2009), having only the surnames of the editors and the date of publication. When you come to the reference page at the end of the paper, you give the details like Jones, R. (Director), Ibiza, P. (Co-Director). (2009). Pump and Play [Motion picture]. Sweden: The 22 Channel.

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